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At Dena’s Boutique we specialize in classic styles with a hint of edge. As the first women’s clothing store to open in Walnut Grove, Langley, British Columbia we set out to offer something different to women. We look for designs that have a timeless quality, but feature something just a little unexpected.

When a woman feels great she is confident and exudes a certain spark that lights up a room. At Dena’s Boutique it is important to us that we build a relationship with our customers and get to know each one individually. We are better able to help you choose the perfect clothing for your lifestyle. We offer our customers the opportunity to take comfortable risks while stretching their style boundaries.

About Dena's Boutique
Clothing Boutique Langley BC

About Dena

Fashion is in Dena’s DNA. 

Dena’s mother was a huge influence as to how and why she got into the fashion industry. Her mother was a fashion lover and a model who was a gorgeous cross between Elizabeth Taylor and Queen Elizabeth. When Dena was growing up her mother wore all the craziest and trendy fashions of her day. 

As a teenager Dena was embarrassed by her mother’s fashion choices. Her friends would say “YOUR MOM DRESSES LIKE THAT????”. Now Dena has a great appreciation for her mother’s confident unique style. She feels she must have secretly been impressed by her mother’s sense of adventure with fashion, and thus a career in fashion was born.

Dena has spent her entire career in retail fashion working with major retailers such as Holt Renfew, Alfred Sung, Femme De Carrier, Cactus and Jacqueline Conoir. She has also worked as a fashion show stylist and taught Retail Merchandising at John Casablanca’s. 

Flash forward to 2005….In the spring of 2005 Dena met the love of her life, Gino (on-line dating when it first started – if you can believe!). She left the “big city” to join, and build a new life with Gino in Langley. At that time in Langley there was nowhere for Dena to work that would best utilize the expertise she had learned and practiced over the years in Vancouver. That’s when the idea to open her own shop bloomed (it was really Gino’s idea!) and her career in the industry came “full circle”. Gino had his own established kitchen design business and his expertise in building cabinets really came in handy as he built the entire store – floor to ceiling, gorgeous cabinets, and even Dena’s big beautiful desk. The perfect, happiest, best place to come to everyday! His doing this was truly a labour of love and it’s really thanks to him that Dena has the most beautiful store in the Fraser Valley (and beyond!). THANK YOU Gino!!!

Although Dena is passionate about her work, she also believes life isn’t all about work! In Dena’s downtime she enjoy spending time with her family and dogs. Her two lovely dogs, Chester and Tikka often spend the day at the boutique with her. Dena also loves to travel and it is on these excursions that she discovers the interesting and unique designs that fill the boutique.


At Dena’s Boutique our mission is to empower women to find their own style — be it classic and elegant, or modern and edgy. The brands we carry embody our values of being true to oneself, and taking risks along the way. 

The shopping experience at Dena’s is not like your every-day retail experience! Dena and her friendly pups will greet you with a smile welcoming you in to peruse the custom displays with the latest fashions. Don’t let the European-inspired boutique intimidate you, because once you shop at Dena’s you will feel like you are shopping at a friend’s house. One with a huge closet full of really great style!!!

Let our friendly consultants assist you in finding what you are looking for, or give you that little nudge out of your comfort zone to find something that truly suites you!

Whether you love to shop or dread the dressing room, our welcoming atmosphere will relax you and you’ll walk out of the shop feeling confident in your style.

Clothing Boutique Langley BC
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